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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
--Galatians 5:22-23

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Operation Light
... Is our outreach ministry to kids world-wide. Our focus is to share God's love through Bible story coloring books and other related materials. This outreach extends to children of military personnel, children of inmates, and those who are in living in shelters, institutions and on the streets.

A parent may serve honorably in the military and away from home for long periods of time; there is a void in that Childs life. At the same time other children are victims because their parents committed crimes and are institutionalized. Either way these children are hurting and lonely. We trust and believe that Gods Love will not only fill that void but can also change the lives of their entire family.

There are many police and fire personnel who carry the Bible story coloring books with them as they respond to a crime scene, or to a house fire. Those kids are often frightened and once they are given a coloring book it's amazing how the Lord uses it to calm the child down, and to deliver His message of Grace and Love.

Many Christian health care workers pass them out to kids in childrens and Cancer hospitals. Again, we are always amazed at the calming effect these Bible story coloring books have even when these kids are going through cancer treatments. Imagine the parents of these kids reading the Bible stories to their sick children. (Please read Isaiah 55:11, Hebrews 4:12)

We also partner with foreign missionaries who serve in orphanages, youth prisons, refugee camps, and leper colonies. God has opened many doors both within the U.S. and internationally.

The Bible story coloring books are presently in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese with more translations soon. The cost to produce each book is .$1.00 and we are willing to provide them to you at cost. Any amount donated above that will go towards the hundreds we send freely to children every week (please read the Military and inmate links below).

It's real simple to place an order, and you have four ways to do so;

    1. Use the online order form
    2. Email us your request
    3. Mail your request
    4. Phone in your request

    Then either donate by using the online "Donate" form, or mail a check to Childrens Bible Society.

Please pray about supporting this awesome outreach to "Gods kids", and remember, when you give of yourself cheerfully you will be greatly blessed. Thanks for allowing us to share with you and please continue to seek God's Will for your life in ministry.

Call or write us for these coloring books for children.

NEW:  Click here to see Myrtle the Snaggle Tooth Witch Coloring book come to life (will open a new window).

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Soon you will be able to order these on DVD as well as our other Bible story books. They will be great evangelism handouts, for home devotion time, and Sunday school. Please email us and let us know how you like to use these DVDs.

Judah the Handsomest Lion

Creation/Science Coloring Activity Book Titled "BANG"

Judah the Handsomest Lion, Christian coloring books for children

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 books now! Click here.

Creation Science coloring activity book for all kids, especially Christians

Myrtle the Snaggle Tooth Witch

Touched by Him

Jesus Loves You in Spanish - Jesus te ama

Jesus Loves You, a Spanish Christian coloring book for kids
Touched by Him Childrens coloring book, learn about Jesus

Back cover

Learn about Jesus, understand Christianity with these childrens coloring books

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Here are some great ways to use them:

  • Gift Boxes, Christmas, Easter etc.
  • Halloween
  • Mission trips
  • Sunday School
  • Awana & V.B.S.
  • Hospitals
  • Orphanages

Reaching children with Gods Word is crucial, and as you well know, God often uses the child to prompt the parent to attend church. Research indicates, and those of us who have been involved in ministry can confirm these findings, that:

  • 85% of Evangelical Christians accept Christ between the ages of 4 & 14.
  • Kids who go to church get better grades in school.
  • Kids who get better grades in school are more likely to go to college.
  • Kids who go to church as youth are 95% more likely to resume as adults.
  • Kids who go to an evangelical church are 93% less likely to go to prison.
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